About Us

KASYL is a leisurewear brand for women founded in 2018 in Kyiv (Ukraine).

KASYL is about laconism, convenience, minimalism, and nobility.

Refined silhouettes, a palette of stylish, discreet, easily combined colors, models, will allow you not to think further about your wardrobe on vacation.

KASYL is about longevity.

Inconstant fashions dictate trends every season, taking energy, time, and money.

We are supporters of conscious consumption.

Therefore, all our products are durable: high-quality, ready to serve for years, and never losing their relevance.

KASYL is about consciousness.

In our production, we use eco-friendly, natural, and remanufactured materials.

We make our swimwear from ECONYL® nylon, the production of which does not require the consumption of new natural resources; it is produced by recycling ocean plastic waste.